Dogs at Weddings & meeting Hugo

Earlier this week, on one of my Facebook groups, we got chatting about dogs. More specifically, dogs at weddings. It is possibly my favourite thing ever. Tell me you have a dog going to be at your wedding and I will be one very happy photographer!

In celebration of the adoption of Hugo, my loveable Labrador x Staffie rescue who I rescued from the fabulous National Animal Welfare Trust last week… here are a few of the beautiful pooches I have had the pleasure of working with.

This is Betty. She is awesome. She rocked my wedding world at Evie and Rich’s London Wedding.

And little Bertie, the black labrador puppy. He was so little when I met him on Emma and Jason’s Cornwall Engagement shoot. Just adorable.

And he was so much bigger at their Devon wedding!

Oh, sweet Charlie. A beachy engagement shoot on the Gold Coast in Australia. Sadly he could not make it to Stacy and Jez’s Whitsunday wedding as he could not travel the distance. Charlie is about to get a new addition to his world as Stacy and Jez embark on their newest adventure, a little baby due very soon!

Gorgeous Sam… a beautiful gentle black lab who came along to Jen and Paul’s Camber Sands wedding at The Gallivant.

Oh Boots. I could have stroked your ears all day, but I had work to do….photographing Christina and Damian’s beautiful wedding.

Oh Boo…. you bundle of energy you. We barely got Boo to stop for a photo when we went out on Lisa and Rob’s engagement shoot… also joined by Baby the horse. But when he did… look at the smile!

He kept Rob company throughout the morning of their fabulous wedding… coming to the blog soon! Thank you to Lisa Jane for these gorgeous images!

And this is the cute-as little Boo… another Boo. A little cutie pie who enjoyed eating flowers on the morning of Alice and Ryan’s day.

Along with Dolly….

And then Ollie, who I met only a few weeks ago at Katie and Tim’s wedding. Such a little cutie who was most perplexed by all the action, and just wanted in on some of it, when he wasn’t hunting down delicious sunshine to bathe in!

Adorable Willow. She will hopefully be at a Rachel and Gareth’s wedding in Wales this year… if we can keep her out the muck pits for long enough!

And finally, meet my boy Hugo.

He will not be coming to weddings with me, as he is likely to want to lick everyone present, but he will be helping me with the culling and editing. When he is not fast asleep under my feet.