About Me

Elopement, Photography, Cornwall

My childhood was spent in beautiful South Africa and I now live by the sea in Cornwall with my partner and our dog Hugo.

We have spent the last few month renovating our home and have now finally settled in our teeny cottage and enjoy a pretty simple life. We travel when we can, spend our free weekends pottering around, walking the dog and drinking coffee. I love doing crafty workshops in my spare time and my latest love is for pottery and it's teaching me a whole lot about myself!

Lazy days out exploring Cornwall are my favourite and little in life makes me happier than stumbling across a little market of some sort, coffee in hand.

About My Work

On Your Wedding Day

All I want to do is create images for you that will make you feel every beautiful, joyful part of your day. To feel like you are back in that very moment when you look at each frame. Even after many years have passed.

I don't want you to miss any part of your day and I love to be present amongst your friends and families. I love capturing their character and their presence within your lives. Like you, I love all the candid moments. All I want is to capture the joy around you, the real moments and the fun.

I love to take pictures of the two of you, but won't have you away too long from your guests. Think prompts rather than posing. We can go for a wander to a pretty spot, have a natter and more than anything, use it as a little time for the two of you to be together on your wedding day.

I believe in the importance of some family groups... but try not to have too many if you want to just get on and enjoy your day. I have photographed weddings who opted for no groups and weddings who opted for a long list of them. After so many years capturing groups I have developed a way of working you through how we do this to keep this part of the day as short and sweet as possible, allowing you to have capture the groups that are important but not spend too long away from your guests.

Amongst it all I will make sure all the little details you have worked so hard to pull together are a part of your story too.

Documentary photography with a dusting of Editorial would best describe my work. Over the last 14 years I have honed in my skills and knowledge to create a unique storytelling style that allows me to photograph your wedding in a way that will capture all the emotion, document the candids and the love whilst beautifully capturing the uniqueness and style that is your wedding day.

I have spent thousands of hours perfecting my craft and I have been fortunate to photograph an incredible collection of wedding days and elopements all over the world. From Brazil and New Zealand to 5 minutes down the road from my house. My work is well published in magazines, blogs and books. Every wedding I shoot I learn something new and I constantly push myself to a new level of creativity every time I pick up a camera.


I have spent many hours fine tuning my editing process to ensure I always deliver a beautiful, consistent, modern edit. I focus on beautiful, clean colours and slight filmy like quality that gives a classic finish, not gimmicky. My wish is for your images to span lifetimes. I want for you to look at your wedding photos in 10 / 20 / 50 years time and they still feel fresh and authentic.

I capture a maximum of 10 weddings per year in order to deliver the dedicated service you deserve, maintain shorter turn around times on post production so you are not waiting months to received your images and ensure my energy is at its peak to keep my creativity flowing.