I’ve never done a ‘best of’ post in all of the 7 years I have been shooting weddings. In part because I find the task hugely overwhelming. How do I choose from the thousands of photos that I deliver every year? Moreover, if I have delivered it, it is an image that I am proud of. So how do I then whittle it down to selecting a few hundred… or at best one hundred… of my ‘favourites? I don’t really feel like I have favourites as such… certainly though, some images stand out a little more in the way they capture the essence, soul or energy of a day, person or couple.

This year I decided to try. I have already posted my round up of the amazing Elopements I had the privilege of capturing (here) and now, weddings. I have shot intimate weddings in Cornwall to huge all spangly affairs all over the country. Weddings in warehouses to weddings on the beach. All amazing and all unique.

For me, everything that matters is what is REAL. The details are beautiful, and fun to choose and create. They will make your day feel very special and I won’t forget them. I will capture all your thought out beautiful details… but I am going to give you a lot of this too.

The real bits. The unscripted moments… the in between. The calm before it all happens… breathe moments. The blink and you miss them moments. The get right in amongst it moments.

Weddings are all about the people. Your loved ones around you. The smiles, the tears, the little moments. The fun. The dancing. The heartfelt ceremony. The cheeky looks. That’s what I want to capture for you.

I can’t say I want this to be called a ‘best of’ post because I have hundreds more images I would love to share that I am so very proud of. Instead, here is a visual glimpse of all the lovely couples I met this year and the energy that surrounded them.  The Real.

wedding-photographer-cornwall-0001 The Scarlet, Mawgan Porth, Wedding Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall wedding-photographer-cornwall-0103Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall cornwall-wedding-photographer-0020 cornwall-wedding-photographer-0019 cornwall-wedding-photographer-0018 cornwall-wedding-photographer-0017wedding-photographer-cornwall-0098Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall wedding-photographer-cornwall-0005 Intimate Wedding, The Scarlet, Cornwallcornwall-wedding-photographer-0006cornish, tipi, wedding Lake, cornish tipi wedding cornwall-wedding-photographer-0016wedding-photographer-cornwall-0004 Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall london fields, wedding, brewery Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, CornwallDocumentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, CornwallTresillian, Wedding, Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Retorrick, Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Scarlet, Hotel, Intimate, Wedding wedding-photographer-cornwall-0037 Cornish Tipi, Wedding, Marquee Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall wedding-photographer-cornwall-0034 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0033 Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall cornwall-wedding-photographer-0001 cornwall-wedding-photographer-0002 cornwall-wedding-photographer-0003Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Aynhoe, Wedding, Bride polhawn fort, wedding fforest, wedding, wales londonfields, brewery, wedding wedding-photographer-cornwall-0060 Cornish Tipi, Wedding, fforest, wedding, bride, aisle Polhawn Fort, Wedding wedding-photographer-cornwall-0056 Tresillian House, Wedding, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall tuk tuk, cornwall, wedding Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Old Rectory, Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Retorrick, Mill, Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall Dancing, Cornish Tipi Wedding guest, crying, wedding fforest, wedding, tipi Documentary, Photographer, Cornwall london, wetlands, wedding, bride, groom fforest, wedding, tipi retorica mill, wedding, cornwall Aynhoe, Wedding London fields, brewery, weddingwedding-photographer-cornwall-0071 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0082 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0081 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0080 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0079 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0078 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0076 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0075 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0072 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0083 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0101 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0100 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0099 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0097 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0096 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0095 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0094 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0093 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0092 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0091 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0090 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0089 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0088 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0087 Old Finsbury Town Hall, Wedding cornwall-wedding-photographer-0021wedding-photographer-cornwall-0086 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0085 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0084 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0102 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0111 cornwall-wedding-photographer-0004wedding-photographer-cornwall-0110 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0109 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0108 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0107 wedding-photographer-cornwall-0105   cornwall-wedding-photographer-0010 cornwall-wedding-photographer-0008 old rectory, pyworth, wedding, photographercornwall-wedding-photographer-0009wedding-photographer-cornwall-0106wedding-photographer-cornwall-0112

I also learned two other things when I was doing this cathartic process.

I love Black and White. And I mean LOVE it. I always knew this, right from when I was studying photography and worked on film. That doesn’t mean I am going all black and white but when it comes to images that speak to me… they are often B&W. Over the years I have worked hard to fine tune my editing process. It takes me hours to edit a wedding because I am super fussy on the colour and white balance. I literally drive myself stir crazy going between nano measurements of green to red, warm to cool. I do this because I strive for consistency so you know what you are getting and I also don’t want my edit to ever date your photographs. I strive for timeless images. I am a colour purist and as part of that, I adore strong B&W images… probably rooting back to my days in the darkroom and mastering the art of dodging and burning by the milli-second adaptations you could make to an image whilst under the exposure lamp. It kind of feels like the same thing, but a digital darkroom for me (and much less smelly, harmful chemicals!).


2016 was one great PARTY! So here’s to a 2017 filled with let-it-all-go-don’t-care-who’s-watching dancing and a whole lot of rounds of shots.

Basic RGB

I worked at some incredible venues this year. Some familiar, some new and some right on my doorstep. I truly hope to go back again soon. If you are looking for a local Cornwall or Devon wedding venue, check out Rettorick Mill Wedding. Tresillian House Wedding.  The Scarlet Hotel Wedding. Cornish Tipi Wedding. The Green Cornwall.  Polhawn Fort Wedding. Old Rectory Pyworthy Wedding. Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens.  Carbis Bay Hotel and Prussia Cove. They are amazing!

And I even went back to the incredible fforest in Wales, who have invited to be park of a huge offer for 2017 couples. They are including a photo package with me as part of their venue hire. Check out the offer here.

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