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This is a post for the adventurers, who headed down to the end of the land to be married. The ones who listened to their wild hearts, held hands tightly and decided to elope to Cornwall.

I have been photographing elopements for 12+ years now, alongside shooting large weddings and I love each and every one I get to be a part of. Occasionally couples bring a witness or two. Sometimes their pooch, or their little ones. Mostly, it was just them, running away to the sea to be married. It was always perfect.

I hope this post lights a fire of inspiration for you too.

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May peace guard the door of your house

And the door of your heart

May the road rise up to meet you

And the sun stand at your shoulder

May the rain fall softly

And the wind always be at your back

May life itself be your friend

Every day, every night

Each step of your journey

From this day on

{ A Celtic Blessing }

Featured Elopements Venues; BoHo Cornwall. The Scarlet Hotel. The Green, Cornwall.