Elope to BoHo Cornwall | Bella & Stuart

Elope to BoHo Cornwall

There is a part of Cornwall that is fast becoming a favourite place of mine to visit. The area is known as the Penwith region and in this part of the county sits St Just. A town that grew through nearby Copper and Tin mining, St Just is one of the only two towns that lie within the Cornwall Area of Natural Beauty status which the region is protected within.

Here, where the oceans meet the moorlands and the furtherest tip of the UK lies is BoHo Cornwall. A magical place where couples who want to get married, but without the fuss and huge cost of a big wedding can run away and elope to Cornwall. Much like Bella and Stuart who were married at BoHo last year.

I have had the absolute privilege of capturing elopements to BoHo Cornwall for the last 18 months or so and I can honestly say that every time I pack my car and get ready to head down to start, I am elated. Shooting elopements is hands down one of my favourite things to do. The personal, intimate, romantic essence of an elopement is breathtaking. And to be able to capture the story of one in such and utterly beautiful part of the world… bliss.

Bella and Stuart were married last year in March. They packed their car and made their way to Cornwall on a little road trip that ended at the furtherest tip of the West Coast. Along with their little man hey opted for a heart warming ceremony which took place in the quiet of BoHo’s entrance hall, candle light warming the room with owners Tom and Maya as witness. They braved the chilly March air to traipse across moorlands and down rocky fishing tracks to the sea, to capture some images of their time in Cornwall. I left them to enjoy an afternoon as a family, in quiet, peaceful celebration of their new start.

It was utterly beautiful. My first marriage of 2014 and one I absolutely adored being a part of. Who wouldn’t want to elope to Cornwall?!

Whilst opting for the relaxed option of eloping, Bella and Stuart still wanted to enjoy creating a day that was reflective of them, wear lovely clothes and feel gorgeous. Bella looked absolutely breathtaking in her Phase Eight wedding dress and I loved that they chose the amazing Clare from Cornish Cutting Garden to create beautiful florals for them.