My blog has been a little in the quiet side recently… but for good reasons. As most people in the industry are finding, this time of the year is super busy and I am more concentrated on shooting weddings and editing to deliver on time. And some other stuff, like …

Roadtripping to Devon with my girl Jo to second shoot for her followed by a late night drive back and a cup of tea then next morning in the Sussex countryside

Celebrating my little sisters 30th birthday, 90’s style.

Wandering London with a friend, over from Holland to spend the weekend with me shooting weddings

Travelling from East to West across the country, shooting a wedding and back East again in less than 18 hours

Flying to France for a beautiful wedding in Brittany

Helping out at a charity shoot in the city and being left inspired and astounded

Packing up my home and leaving London

Moving to France

Travelling for 2 days to Turkey for a wedding, then two days back again… Seeing the sunrise and set, twice.

That was just the month of August for me.

And now I am packing again, headed back to the UK for a week. Two weddings, a visit home to Cornwall to see my family and a portrait shoot in between. Then I am home. My other home for now, France for 6 whole weeks. That is 6 whole weeks I get to spend with my husband with neither of us travelling. Given we have spent exactly 8 days this last month together in the same country, it’s going to be bliss!

A few pictures from my phone… to share my month with you.