Gabi & Jonas – A Wedding in Brazil

I will never forget the day Gabi said that she and Jonas wanted me to go to their homeland, Brazil to photograph their wedding. It was a couple days before I left my amazing job at Unilever to embark on my photography career full time. I thought she was just being sweet and it was a lovely thing to say to, you know, build my confidence!

But they meant it and a few months later found me in a cafe in Mexico booking my flights. Brisbane to Sao Paolo return. It was a complete dream and so very surreal!

Gabi and I worked together for a long time. To join her and Jonas and their families in Brazil was such an honour. They looked after me in the days running up to the wedding and we even had a day and an evening in Sao Paolo sightseeing and visiting the amazing city. Staying with Jonas’s family just outside of Sao Paolo meant I got to experience life in Brazil rather than just visiting as a tourist which was such a special time. Their hospitality was second to none and it was so wonderful being a part of the lead up to the day.

Having spent so long planning, photography was really important to them both and they knew that what they wanted for their day was just so hard to find in Brazil where weddings happen later in the evening, after sunset when it has cooled and most photography is creative with flash. In love with bright, light sun drenched images, they knew that the only way to get the images that they loved was to have a photo session earlier in the day and so they opted to have a first look. Just the two of them at a nearby mill. An opportunity to enjoy a quiet moment and say their vows to one another in the warm Brazilian sunshine.

As the sun set and the day cooled down, we made our way to church where, just as the sun set, Gabi made her entrance down the aisle. Afterwards the reception took place at nearby farm, beautifully decorated and pulled together just as they have imagined it. The party lasted late into the evening and the reception filled with awesome treats. Great music, lots of coloured lanterns, a table of delicious chocolates and sweeties and an exit to some of the biggest sparklers I have ever seen in my life. Ships could use them as flares! I loved the many Brazilian traditions, such as the cutting on Jonas’s tie late at night, with pieces sold to those who bid highest. The bartering of the boys was passionate to say the least!

Gabi and Jonas, I adored every moment of my time in Brazil with you. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day, it is forever cherished in my memory!

Gabi’s Dress and head piece: Jenny Packham Petra

Jonas’s Suit: Top Man

Gabi’s veil… her something borrowed from me 🙂