Happy Ffriday!

No, not a typo… I did actually mean Ffriday…

I hope you all have a splendid weekend planned? Mine includes hanging out with this amazing friend who is coming down to Newquay to hang out with me and no doubt will entail lots of eating good food, drinking wine and long walks… come rain, hail or shine. The way things have been in Cornwall this year so far, we will probably see all three of those elements plus some.

On Monday I plan to blog this amazing wedding… a two parter that starts with a gathering of friends at Fforest on Friday evening for ‘Willowstock’ and then on Tuesday, I’ll be sharing Gareth and Rachel’s festival, fun loving wedding day. Its taken me a very long time to choose and prep this blog post… there was just. so. much. beauty!

Festival Inspired Wedding | www.debsalexander.com

Happy weekend!