The Zetter Wedding | Charlotte & David

Laughter, fun, colour, music, friends, family and really, REALLY good times. That pretty much sums up all the lovely feelings I get when I look back at the amazing wedding of Charlotte at their The Zetter wedding in London. Their day was everything a wedding celebration should be. Personal to each of them, their lives together and to each person […]


Tunnels Beach Wedding | Laura & Craig

A seaside loving couple, a Tunnels Beach wedding was the perfect option for Laura and Craig, who invited their friends to come from all over the country to party with them at the beach. Guests dined on an amazing BBQ dinner and enjoyed drinks outside in the sunshine. Jumping up from the seats to dance to the brilliant Michael G […]


Sri Lanka

Oh Sri Lanka, how I love you. Your people, the smells, the sounds and the food. The waves and the beaches. Cold Lion Beer and amazing hot curries. Swimming in warm waters and drying in the sunshine. Your sunsets. Tuk Tuk rides. Even the buzz of a mozzie in my room when I feel safe […]